Well done to our students who entered into the Northland Performing Arts Competition over the weeked (18-20 Sept. 2020):

MJ - received a very highly commended, 4 x commended and scored over 80% in all her marks for singing

Fiona - received 3rd place in piano - sight reading and 3rd place in piano - own selection

Tyga - received a 1st, 2x 2nds, 3x 3rds, a commended and a very highly commended for singing, and also received two trophies - the McDonald cup for scoring 1st place in the 16/17 yr old Oratorios, and the Voice Studio cup is chosen by the Adjudicator for someone who has potential and who they want to encourage!


Congratulations to Brooke Chambers, who won player of the year for Kaipara Knights Grade 10 soccer team, well done! - September 2019

Congratulations to Majestic and Tyga, who competed over the weekend at the Northland Performing Arts Competition, Majestic was in the Northern Advocate - her picture is below...September 2019

Congratulations to Fiona Yue for her award (with merit) in passing grade one music theory with Trinity College, and to Joshua Polwart for his award in passing grade four music theory, well done!

Tough Guy & Gal Challenge was held on Friday 28th June, our seniors did very well! Congratulations to those who participated, and a special mention to Chloe Leaf, who came 2nd in the female yr9-11 division, and 11th female overall! Please see here for the results, and pictures below.

Aaron Tennent and Chloe Leaf, starting, before the mud...

And after...

Cross Country at Excellere College was held on Thursday 13 June 2019. We competed with both Excellere and Whangarei Adventist School, and overall as a small school, we did great and represented our school very well! The following are our school's overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings. Congratulations to our winners, and all of our students who participated and put in their best effort! Pictures below.

Year 3 girls:                                                Year 4 girls:                            Year 5 girls:

Paige Chambers - 2nd                              Laura Cullen - 2nd                 Brooke Chambers - 2nd

Grace Cullen - 3rd

Year 6 boys:                                               Year 6 girls:                            Year 7 boys:

Jireh Cullen - 1st                                      Kayla Leaf - 1st                      Braden Leaf - 2nd

Year 9 boys:                                              Under 16 girls:                        Open girls (16 & over):

Aaron Tennent - 2nd                                Chloe Leaf - 1st                      Tegan Leaf - 1st












Congratulations to our district speech contest participants - Braden Leaf, Phebe Polwart, Fiona Yue and Chloe Polwart. Braden came 2nd, Phebe - 3rd and Chloe - 3rd, for their overall age groups, well done!!!

ATHLETICS 2019 was a great success for our school. We were invited to participate with the CHEW home-schoolers athletics day, where there were 80 participants. Our students all did very well, and above all, we were very impressed with their behaviour, sportsmanship and attitudes, well done! Please click here to see our school results. A special recognition goes to the following students for their overall outstanding achievements, and sportsmanship:


Outstanding Achievement:

Arjan Pedersen

Grace Cullen

Jireh Cullen

Chloe Leaf

Kayla Leaf

Brooke Chambers

BIG thank you to the home-schoolers for inviting and including us, and to all the volunteers and parent helpers on the day! Please see pictures of the day below...

Sportsmanship and great attitude:

Estella Hinsch

Fiona Yue

Savannah Rout

Congratulations to Fiona for her outstanding achievement in the Northland Piano Competitions. Fiona scored 1st equal in the overall highest points for sight reading. This is not just in her age group but out of all of the competitors, across all age groups! Well done Fiona!

Congratulations to MJ and Tyga for passing their Trinity College music Exams! Tyga passed her Grade 5 singing with merit, and MJ passed her Grade 4 singing with merit. Well done girls! We are so very blessed to have your wonderful gifts in our school! 


Cross Country with Excellere College was held Friday 1st June 2018. Please click here to see the results. Our school done very well! Congratulations to all of our children who participated, we had 17 children there, and 13 got in the top 3 placings for their race!

For photos, please see our "latest news" tab.

Well done to our school contestants in the Paparoa Speech Contest May 2018: John Hampshire, Estella Hinsch and Phebe Polwart.

You all got over your nerves and produced a wonderful effort!


Congratulations goes to John Hampshire, who came first in the senior section! John delivered a great speech on Peer Pressure. John has a great gifting in this area, and this will help him go very far in the future. Well done John!

Athletics with Living Way School and Home-school was held Monday, 26th march 2018. Please click here to see the results for track events and here for field events. Our school done very well! Congratulations goes to our new record holders:

  • Tegan Leaf 400m Track 14-15yr Girls

  • Chloe Leaf High jump 11-13yr Girls, and Discus 11-13yr Girls 

  • Estella Hinsch High jump 9-10yr Girls, and Discus 9-10yr Girls.

For photos, please see our "latest news" tab.

Congratulations to all of our little star swimmers! These wonderful students all received a certificate from the 2018 Swim School here in Maungaturoto, well done!

Recognition goes to Arjan Pederson, for his efforts and outstanding acheivements in Agri-culture. Just a few of his awards pictured below, well done Arjan, we look forward to what the new year brings!