Mark Bell is our Principal, Administrator,

Senior Learning Centre Teacher, and Boys Dean.                                   








Lynette Bell is our New Entrant & Junior Learning Centre Teacher,

International Students Director, Homestay Coordinator,

E.S.O.L teacher, and the Girls Dean.







Paul Chambers is our School Pastor and
Chairman of the Board of Governors.



Kayley Polwart is our Senior School Monitor and School Secretary

Sam Daniero is our Junior School Monitor


Our Board of Governors members are:

Paul Chambers                                                  Chairman

Mark Bell                                                            Principal/school Rep.

Philip Leaf                                                          Finance / Parent Rep.

James Rout                                                        Maintenance / Policies

Kayley Polwart                                                  Secretary / Enrollment / Advertising

Our School Monitors are: Delwyn Chambers, Julia Leaf, Sam Daniero, and Kayley Polwart . We also have volunteer Readers and Helpers in the school who we greatly value and appreciate their time and effort.