What is distance learning?

Our Distance Learning option is an exciting new Ministry of Education approved way for students to attend school from the comfort, safety, and convenience of their own home in the care of their parents.

Distance Learning combines the benefits of schooling at home with the structure, accountability, support, and guidance of a school.

It lightens the load of parents as their children’s first teachers, for those who need to or wish to educate their children at home.

Students enrolling in distance learning benefit from having a parent monitor their engagement throughout the day while the school takes the responsibility of providing the curriculum materials and teaching students as if they were at school.

Most teaching is done one on one to meet the individual needs of each student.

Distance Learning is predominantly paper based with communication and one on one teaching online.

Students require a computer but will not be engaging with it for long periods of time with technology used sparingly to enhance learning with no long exposure to a screen.

Distance Learning is ideally suited to families who have one or more parents based at home.

Distance learning is portable and can be done from almost anywhere which is ideal for families at home, on the move, traveling the world, enjoying the beauty of New Zealand, or for students pursuing high performance activities.

OCS Distance Learning offers university recognised certificates along with other certificates that can be tailored to meet student’s abilities and end use requirements.

Distance Learning is a cost effective way of gaining a private school education, traditional standards, and high expectations from the comfort and security of your home.

Younger students are taught to read using a tried and true Phonic based system.

Average new entrant students are usually able to read to learn in 6 months. 

How it works

Students will be sent workbooks for their individual learning plan.

Each day students will set goals of the work they intend to complete within teacher requirements.

Students will work on their academic subjects until lunch

Students read to learn and answer questions.

Students score and correct their work to ensure they are learning the correct answers.

Students will book teacher time for help with difficult work that requires one on one teaching.

There are checks and balanced throughout the workbooks so your teacher can make sure you are doing well.

At the end of each work book the teacher will decide if the student is ready for the final test.

Students will take part in class role=ll calls, devotions, and group lessons.

In the afternoon students will work on a variety of individual and group activities.

Teaching Resources

We use a modern version of ACE (Accelerated Christian education) for our academic learning.

ACE has been repackaged into a modern format which is student centred and focused on individual student success.

Students are encouraged and supported to set high achievable individual goals and to strive for excellence at there own ability level.

Students learn that achievement is based on effort and the harder you work the more you achieve.


Individual work plans

At enrolment all students sit diagnostic tests to identify gaps in learning which need addressing.

Students are prescribed individual programmes of work to accelerate their learning.

Dedicated teachers work one on one with students teaching precept upon precept to build students understanding and knowledge.

Students are accountable to their teachers on a daily basis to encourage them to do their best.

Teachers will communicate with parents through school reports, conversations, notes, and progress cards to ensure you know how your child is achieving.


Gifted students and students with needs

ACE has the capacity to extend the most gifted student and a remedial programme to help those with needs.

Students can be accelerated in one subject while getting remedial help in another to maximise their learning potential.


Portable Education

The ACE resources are fully portable and make up the bulk of the academic programme which is supplemented with a vast array of activities including sport, the arts, technology, and science.

Blocks of work will be sent to students which are easily transported to wherever you need to study.

Teachers can be accessed from almost anywhere online.

OCS distance learning has the continuity to teach students from Year 1 to 13 with a variety of exit certificates that can be tailored to meet students end use needs including university entrance.


A Christian School

OCS is a Christian Community of learners where we accept students from all walks of life and faiths.

We teach from a Christian world view alongside modern scientific theories. Students are encouraged to think for themselves, ask questions and use the teaching material to grow their knowledge and understanding.

All students will be given the opportunity to participate in prayer and learn about Christianity.  We expect students and parents to respect the school’s Christian character, but a Christian faith is not required.

The wider school curriculum

There will be opportunities to attend the school on camps or on home stay to meet the teaching staff and other students, to receive remedial or extension help, or to participate in school competitions and events.

Throughout the year Distance Learners will be encouraged to meet other Distance Learners in their area and to participate in local activities which align with the school’s programme.

Extracurricular activities like sports, dance and music are encouraged and some activities can be credited to certificates.



Both students and parents will benefit from training to make the most of Distance Learning.

This is done with information sheets, videos and through the teaching staff.

Training is introduced in manageable pieces over the first few weeks of enrolment on an individual basis.

Parental Commitment

Parent are to be on hand to supervise their children daily to encourage and monitor their progress.

Parents will receive educational resources which they will need to keep secure.

Parents will have the control over student access to score keys and tests.

Parents assist the school by sending completed tests back for marking and filing.

Older students will quickly become independent learners while younger students will naturally present more opportunities for parental to assistance.

During the first few weeks there will, be more opportunities for parental involvement as your child learns to work with their teacher.

Students under 14 years of age must be under adult supervision at all times.

Parents will be involved directly in the learning of their children, but will not be responsible for teaching students.


Benefits of Distance learning with OCS

OCS offers traditional values.

Takes the effort out of schooling at home.

Affordable private school education with high standards.

Freedom from state social and political agendas.

Have day to day input in your children’s learning.

Know what your children are being taught.

Be informed and make your own chooses.

Respect for parents as their children’s first teacher.

Consistency of education during disruptions.

New Zealand recognised qualifications.

New Zealand Christian Teachers.

Safe family atmosphere free from bullying.

School staff that really cares.

Finding home schooling difficult and need support.

Interested in home schooling but don’t believe you have the time, energy or expertise to do it.

Truly Individualised learning.

Mastery learning where students learn new concepts before they move on so nobody is left behind.