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 Welcome to Otamatea Christian School

Athletics Day was awesome! 
We all had a great time!

Thank you to all our helpers, staff, children, and parents.
Please send any photos from the day you have to ....


Hi I am Mark Bell the Principal of Otamatea Christian School.  Click on the picture to read my welcome message.

  • A.C.E Academic Christian Education

  • Specialised New Entrant Programme

  • Warm Family Atmosphere

  • Small Teacher to Child Ratios

  • Year 1 to Year 13

  • International Students Approved

  • Specialised Distance Learning Programme

  • Excellent Rural Environment

  • Qualified and Experienced Teachers


E.R.O stated in their last report that Otamatea Christian School "is a physically and emotionally safe place for students". This is evident in our warm and friendly atmosphere.

We teach a great curriculum, and we also have lots of fun outdoors, cooking, making puppet shows, community gardening...

Luke - beetroot preserving.jpg
puppet playing Feb 2021.jpg


Vision:                            “Tomorrow’s Community Leaders for Life”

The vision of our school is based on the school motto:

                                          “Grace and Truth/Wisdom and Faith.”  


We wish to deliver a Christian education to our students that equips them spiritually and academically to lead, impact positively and shine the light of Christ on the lives of each other, local community and beyond.

School Mission Statement:

Otamatea Christian School has a threefold mission:

  • To affirm basic Christian values by training students in the way they should go

  • To equip students to lead others

  • To provide a quality academic education

       How we do this :

  • By providing an education that fosters spiritual and academic growth as well as releasing the talents of each student for God’s service.

  • By providing support to Christian families in the education and training of their children, in the ways of the Lord.

  • By providing an education, that develops responsible, mature and balanced young people with a view of life fashioned and unified by GOD’S WORD.

  • By promoting and teaching the lordship of JESUS CHRIST, the fullness of the HOLY SPIRIT and the ultimate authority of GOD’S WORD in all aspects of the school.

  • Our Values

    SPIRITUALLY we strive for:


  • Grace & Truth

  • Wisdom & Faith

  • Honouring & Serving

  • Integrity & Stewardship

    ACADEMICALLY we are:


  • Teachable           

  • Creative & Innovative         

  • Engaged & Motivated          

  • Diligent & Responsible



We thank you for your interest in our school. If you would like more information, or to enrol, please contact us by filling in the contact form.

98 Hurndall St

Maungaturoto 0520

(Behind Congregational Church)

New Zealand

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Mon - Fri:       8:30am - 3pm

Phone:            09) 431 8487

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