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    ​ SCHOOL PROCEDURES ​ SCHOOL TIMETABLE ​ ​ 8:45am School Starts ​ 10:30am - 10:45am Playtime ​ 12:15pm – 1:00pm Lunchtime ​ 3.00pm School closes ​ N.B On Wednesday school finishes at 2.00 pm ​ CHAPEL ​ Chapel is held every Thursday morning at the beginning of the school day. During this time there is a time of worship and a message from Pastor Paul Chambers. Weekly prizes such as the Congratulation Slips, Merit Shield, and other certificates are given out. Parents are welcome to join us for this. ​ LEARNING CENTRE Monitors and Readers The learning center not only has the supervisor but each day there is a monitor and a reader. They are both volunteers, parents, grandparents or friends of the school who are willing and servant hearted. The Monitor’s job is primarily administrative in essence. The monitor checks that the students carefully follow procedures and complete their work. They record what they find so that the Supervising Teacher can attend to the student’s needs. Readers have a very important role of listening to the younger students readings in their Paces. If you think that you could help with either being a Monitor or a Reader please contact Mr Bell. ​ Pace Tests At the end of each pace is a Pace Test. If the student is on pace 1037 or below or any Word Building Pace, a pass mark of 90 % is required to pass and move on to the next pace. If they are over 1037 the pass mark is 80 %. Each Monday morning at chapel the students are issued with a ‘Congratulation Slip,’ showing scores of their Pace Tests, which they should take home for you to see their progress. The Congratulation Slip also records the number of paces they have completed in that subject that year. ​ Score Keys The ACE programme requires students to regularly score their work. To score means to check the answers of a completed section of a PACE with the correct answers in a score key. Each PACE has a matching score key up to PACE 1036. From 1037 on three answer books are combined to make one score key i.e. 1037, 1038 and 1039 are combined to make one score key for these three PACEs. ​ Daily Goals Your child will set goals each day which must be completed. If they are not finished at school what is left must be completed for homework. The pages that need to be done for homework will be written in the Homework Notebook so that you can see what they need to do. The average number of PACES that is considered a full years work is 60 which is three paces in each subject each term. Some children will do more than this and some will do less but your child will be required to set at least 17 pages a day. Anything less is not enough to keep up. Children need to do 15 paces per term to achieve the 60 pace award. ​ Clear Goal Check Your child might come home and tell you that they got a clear goal check and be very pleased with themselves and so they should be! This means that when the monitor checked their work, they had followed all procedures correctly, scored correctly, done all their readings, checkup signed etc. They will receive extra merits for having a clear goal check. ​ Readings Each night your child will bring home reading for you to listen to. Please sit with them and make sure they are pronouncing the words correctly. Each page they have read needs to be signed by you and will be checked by the monitor the next morning. Readings not done will earn a demerit. Homework Notebook Each term your child will be issued a notebook to give you information as to where your child is at with their goals for the term and for communicating with you so together we can help the students in their achievements. At the back of the notebook are the requirements for your child to reach Honour Roll for each term. As students complete PACES this is marked on the chart so that students, parents and staff can monitor progress towards achieving Honour Roll. Likewise scripture learned and detentions are also recorded on the chart. Each day students set their goals. Any goals that are not completed that day become homework and are written in this notebook. The following morning, students’ goals are checked by the monitor and this is reported back to parents via the notebook. Parents should sign the notebook each day and encourage students to get clear goal checks and develop good work habits. A demerit will be given for no signature. There is also space provided for comments to be made by either parents or staff. Please use this notebook for sending notes to school and keeping open communication between home and school. Remember that if you have any concerns, make an appointment to see the supervisor so that together the problem can be worked through. ​ Merit Shield Merits are given out for different things throughout the week. On Monday morning at Chapel the student with the most merits from the previous week wins the Merit Shield. Merits can be earned in many ways. Each day they get merits for having their offices tidy, all procedures followed, good manners etc. ​ Demerits and detentions Demerits are given out for any misbehaviour and failure to follow procedures carefully. This includes talking in class, cheating, homework not done etc. If a child gets three demerits in a day they will be issued a detention slip for a 20 minute detention which will be sent home for you to sign and return to school. Ten minutes is added on for each demerit over the three and if the slip is not returned to school signed an extra 10 minutes is added. The detention will be done either at lunchtime or after school the next day. If it is after school parents are required to pick them up when the detention is completed. ​ Memory verses Each term the students are given memory verses to learn. These are a requirement for Honour Roll and are published in the homework notebook. Please help your child to learn these. Merits are given out for learned memory verses and more merits are given the sooner the verse has been memorised. ​ Honour Roll Each term, children who meet certain criteria, are eligible to go on an Honour Roll Trip, which is a special day trip planned by the supervisor for the Learning Centre. The cost of this trip is met by the school. Requirements each term will be specific to the pupil and set after consultation with the supervisor and student. Minimum stars per pace. Total stars each term. Memorize the monthly scripture passages by the deadline date. A maximum of five detentions per term. In the event of a double Honour Roll trip, (combining 2 terms into one trip) allscriptures for both terms need to be learnt, even if the students only qualifies for one term. NB: While completing this minimum set of requirements will enable a child to go on the terms Honour Roll trip, it must be remembered that this will not be sufficient to qualify for the 60 PACE Award, and thus complete the equivalent of a full ‘academic year’ in pace work. 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 Pace Awards Students who pass 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 paces, regardless of what subjects they are in will receive an award at prizegiving. ​ Tips for managing homework and readings Put in place at home a reward system for completing all work at school . At times it will not be possible for them to do all of their work at school so have a reward for doing their homework quickly. Good habits for life are formed when young. Keep the rewards small and manageable throughout the year. Quite simply I show the time on the clock and say you’ll be able to play for a certain length of time if you’re finished by then. Or a sticker chart, progress chart and follow with a prize. Afternoon tea at the local cafe is very special treat or play at the local park is free! Throughout the year there are quite a few readings so think outside the square. At home set a time for readings. Bed-time reading their readings. You read one paragraph they read one. Use a funny voice be creative. Model how to read – stop at full stops, break down words that are unfamiliar. The readings need to be done otherwise your child is disadvantaged the next day until the reader can hear them. So make an effort and make this time fun. You will be amazed at how much you yourself learn from the paces. Celebrate their success and encourage them in their failings. Re-present their certificates at home. Every one fails at one time or another so did the greatest Einstiens of this world so give tribute to their failings too. There is no such thing as failure just stepping stones to learning. We all travel at different speeds and take different size steps.

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    Welcome to OTAMATEA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Tomorrow's Community Leaders For Life A.C.E Academic Christian Education Specialised New Entrant Programme Warm Family Atmosphere Small Teacher to Child Ratios Year 1 to Year 13 International Students Approved Excellent Rural Environment Qualified and Experienced Teachers Year 12 student essay on the A.C.E curriculum 2021 NEWSLETTERS 2021 CALENDAR OF EVENTS E.R.O REPORT 2018 PROSPECTUS ​ FRIENDS OF THE SCHOOL - SCHOOL FUNDRAISER ​ OUR SCHOOL We teach a great curriculum, and we also have lots of fun outdoors, cooking, making puppet shows, community gardening... ABOUT US Vision: “Tomorrow’s Community Leaders for Life” ​ The vision of our school is based on the school motto: ​ “Grace and Truth/Wisdom and Faith.” We wish to deliver a Christian education to our students that equips them spiritually and academically to lead, impact positively and shine the light of Christ on the lives of each other, local community and beyond. ​ School Mission Statement: ​ Otamatea Christian School has a threefold mission: ​ To affirm basic Christian values by training students in the way they should go To equip students to lead others To provide a quality academic education How we do this : By providing an education that fosters spiritual and academic growth as well as releasing the talents of each student for God’s service. By providing support to Christian families in the education and training of their children, in the ways of the Lord. By providing an education, that develops responsible, mature and balanced young people with a view of life fashioned and unified by GOD’S WORD. By promoting and teaching the lordship of JESUS CHRIST, the fullness of the HOLY SPIRIT and the ultimate authority of GOD’S WORD in all aspects of the school. Our Values SPIRITUALLY we strive for: Grace & Truth Wisdom & Faith Honouring & Serving Integrity & Stewardship ACADEMICALLY we are: Teachable Creative & Innovative Engaged & Motivated Diligent & Responsible FIND US We thank you for your interest in our school. If you would like more information, or to enrol, please contact us: ​ 98 Hurndall St Maungaturoto 0520 (Behind Congregational Church) New Zealand OPENING HOURS: Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 3pm Phone: 09) 431 8487 Email: Success! Message received. Send

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    SCHOOL FEES We endeavour to keep the fees at a level that is as affordable as possible. An account is sent out monthly and payment is due on 20th of the following month. An automatic payment or internet payment is our preference. Twice a year you will be charged for any stationery that your child has been issued at school and at that time the actual paces done by your child will be calculated and charged accordingly. The fees are based on 60 paces a year but some children do more than this. if you have any queries please contact the office on (09) 431 8487. Please click here to view our current school fees. Fees increase a minimum of 2% annually.

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    Accelerated Christian Education (ACE ) curriculum is being used at all levels. ACE is an American curriculum that is complemented with New Zealand content. Christian moral standards and truths are integrated throughout all subjects. ​ Children are assessed and graded on the basis of their achievement level in each major subject, rather than on their age. This means less able students are not so likely to develop low self esteem and more able students can be more fully extended. ​ The educational philosophy of ACE is that children read rather than listen to gain knowledge, and that the “teacher” supervises that learning. Because the system is self-instructional, the supervisors can focus their attention on individual children and the specific areas where assistance is needed. ACE has an excellent program for teaching young children to read; “Reading Readiness” and ABC’s which use a phonetic approach to the alphabet. ​ Once children are able to read, they are presented in each subject with a series of instructional workbooks (PACE’s). The concepts and knowledge in each PACE build upon each other. Each PACE is mastered before a student moves up to the next one, thus eliminating gaps in learning. ​ Senior students, upon completion of a subject, receive credits, which when enough have accrued, qualify them for an ACE Certificate. Students from Year 7 to Year 10 are also extended in the afternoon into many areas to develop the gifts God has given them. They participate in National Student Convention and have a choice of participating in South Pacific Convention and International Convention competing against other A.C.E students around the world in a wide variety of disciplines in Academics, Athletics, Visual Arts, Manual Arts, Performance Arts, Media Arts, Music – vocal and instrumental. More about the Accelerated Christian Education Program ​ The Accelerated Christian Education program is a total package, self-instructional curriculum covering all grade levels and core subjects from Kindergarten through to Year 13. For over 20 years the A.C.E. curriculum has been successfully used by thousands of students in NZ. It is now used in over 7,000 Christian schools in over 100 countries as well as being used by thousands of homeschooling families. ​ Each subject is presented in a series of self-instructional workbooks, called PACEs, progressively graduated so that new concepts and truths build upon previously mastered ones. An 80% pass mark is required in each PACE before a student is permitted to proceed to the next PACE. Twelve PACEs represent one year’s work in each subject. ​ ​ Christian World View All educational curriculum in its content and prescribed methodology presents a particular philosophical position or world view. Public education presents a secular or humanistic world view. The philosophy behind the A.C.E. curriculum is built on basic biblical principles so that students are taught to see life from God’s point of view as they study the standard subjects of English, Science, Social Studies etc. Biblical values and concepts considered foundational to successful living are conveyed throughout the curriculum in such a way as to become life-shaping influences. A.C.E. is nondenominational. Built on Five Basic Laws of Learning The following five principals under gird the A.C.E system of learning: Students must be placed at the academic level in each subject where they can perform. Reasonable goals must be set each school day. Students must be controlled and motivated. Learning must be measurable. Learning must be rewarded. Meets Individual Needs One of the main principles of the A.C.E. curriculum is that students work at their own achievement level and this can differ from subject to subject. On completing diagnostic tests to determine learning gaps and achievement levels, each student is given an individual academic prescription that will meet his individual needs ensuring that he works at his own achievement level. The nature of the curriculum also allows students to work at their own pace according to their own ability. It is able to meet the individual needs of each student. ​ Mastery Based Learning Advancement through the A.C.E. programme is attained only through learning. Only when a student has sufficiently mastered the contents of a PACE can he advance to the next PACE in the full scope and sequence curriculum. ​ Procedures There are various procedures built into the A.C.E. programme. These procedures when properly utilised can produce the following results: Daily goal setting Students taking responsibility for their own learning A high standard of quality control Mastery of concepts Continual and consistent assessment of student’s learning Good work habits Academic excellence ​ Self-Instructional Initially the student learns to read using our phonics based programme. Then they read to learn. The student is responsible for setting goals and completing them. The Supervisor (Teacher) is there to clarify and assist the student as needed as well as encourage, motivate and discipline according to procedures if required. Work not completed goes home as homework and parents are expected to supervise their children to complete their work. ​ Character Development One of the features of the A.C.E. curriculum is that it incorporates character building and wisdom principles. Christian truths and Biblical principles are integrated through all subjects. Each PACE promotes one of sixty character traits identifiable in the life of Christ and these are reinforced by a Scripture passage. ​ A.C.E CERTIFICATE RECOGNITION Secondary Qualification ​ A.C.E. offers several of its own secondary qualifications based on various credit requirements. The highest of these has been assessed by the NZ Vice Chancellors’ Committee and holders are eligible to be considered for admission ‘ad eundem statum’ (at the same status) at entrance level by a NZ university. A student must complete 12 PACEs per subject commencing at PACE level 1085 to gain a credit towards an A.C.E. Certificate. ​ Certificate of Academic Achievement NZ Year 13: 29 credits ​ A letter from the Chair of the New Zealand Vice-chancellor’s Committee’s Subcommittee on Entrance states: “That students who have obtained the A.C.E. Year 13 Certificate of Academic Achievement, including 4 subjects designated Year 13/Seventh Form level, may be granted admission ad eundem statum at entrance level” Students who achieve a Year 13 Academic Certificate with 5 subjects at the year 13 Level and with a minimum average of 93% in those 5 subjects will be awarded this certificate with honours. The A.C.E. Academic council of New Zealand considers this to be at least at an A Bursary level. ​ Certificate of Academic Achievement NZ Year 12: 23 credits ​ Another letter from the Academic Officer of the New Zealand Vice-chancellor’s Committee states: “If any of your home-schooling families are using the Accelerated Christian Education Programme, I am happy to advise you that this has already been assessed by the NZVCC and a student achieving a Year 12 Certificate is eligible to be considered for provisional entrance by a New Zealand university.” Many students have also gained entrance into a number of overseas institutes of higher learning. The following is a list of the A.C.E. Certificates available in New Zealand: NZ Certificate of Achievement (minimum 5 credits) NZ Certificate of Achievement Level 1 (15 credits) NZ Certificate of Achievement Level 2 (20 credits) NZ Certificate of Achievement Level 3 (25 credits) NZ Year 11 Certificate of Academic Achievement (17 credits) NZ Year 12 Certificate of Academic Achievement (23 credits) NZ Year 13 Certificate of Academic Achievement (29 credits There are printed guidelines for each of these certificates.

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    OUR SCHOOL GARDEN About At Otamatea Christian School, we are enthusiastic about the environment and growing fresh vegetables and fruit for our students to eat, and also to share with our school families and the community! We have a large area dedicated to vegetable gardens, and on the perimeter of our school field, and dotted around the school property, there are various fruit trees. We are also part of Tahi NZ "bees in schools" programme. Tahi NZ have put beehives in our back paddock, and are teaching groups of students beehive keeping. The students get to keep some honey for themselves, and Tahi NZ give honey to the school, and provide suits for the students! A large part of the school property is our school nature reserve. Here the children learn about natives, various trees, plants, weed and pest control.


    Accommodation Code of Practice International Student Policies International Policies outcomes International Prospectus Principal's Welcome For more information on our international students programme, or to enrol, please contact our international students’ director – Lynette Bell at or ​ Phone: 09 4318487 ​ Otamatea Christian School 98 Hurndall Street, Maungaturoto Northland New Zealand

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    SCHOOL POLICIES The school policies can be found here . Please contact the school for more information. SCHOOL RULES ​ The school has a number of rules about what can be brought to or worn to school. This is to keep our uniform tidy and to prevent competition and distraction amongst students. Following school rules is an opportunity to learn to obey and build character. Whatever we do later in life, it is governed by rules which we must learn to follow or face the consequences. Please help to keep up our school’s standards by supporting our rules. Non-Uniform Clothing Increasingly students are wearing non-uniform items to school. Non-uniform clothing worn at school may be confiscated for the rest of the term, and children may be sent home. ​ Hair Students hair must be clean and tidy at all times with no extremes of fashion acceptable, e.g. Mohawks, dreadlocks, corn rows, rat’s tails, man buns, unnatural coloured hair, shaved sections etc. Long hair must be tied back away from the face. All hair ties must be school colours. The way students present themselves must be of a business office setting. ​ Electronic devices Any student bringing a cell phone or Ipad to school must give it to Mr Bell to lock in the drawer until after school. Students found playing on devices during school will have them confiscated. ​ Make Up, Nail Polish and Jewellery No makeup or fingernail polish is to be worn to school. Students wearing makeup will have to wash it off with soap and water. Students needing to use the schools nail polish remover will be charged a dollar towards replacing it. The only Jewelry allowed at school are small gold or silver ear studs that can have a stone of the school colours (red, white and navy blue) or a necklace with a small cross. Incorrect Jewelry will be confiscated. ​ UNIFORM Please click here for information on uniforms. For more information, or to order, please contact the school office.

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    KAPAHAKA Matariki Festival at Matakohe Museum was held on Monday 10 June 2019. This was our very first public performance outside of the school, and our children did very well! A lot of great and positive comments were made on our school's performance, and the Spirit of God was felt by a lot of people! Well done children -, tino pai rawa nga tamariki ma! Here are some pictures from the day: We involve the whole school in our Kapahaka group, so we have a fairly large group (currently 30 students approx.) from 5 yrs old up to 16 years. Our school Kapahaka group has only been going for a little while, despite this, the students have embraced their cultural learning and are performing extremely well, with a lot of great comments and feedback from our audiences. Over the last few years, we have performed at various places, and every year at our school prize giving. We teach waiata (songs) that support our schools' ethics and values, and our aim is to impute Wairua Tapu (God's Holy Spirit) and God's message through our performances. ​

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    OUR TEAM ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Mark Bell is our Principal, Administrator, Senior Learning Centre Teacher/Supervisor, and Boys Dean. ​ Paul Chambers is our School Pastor and Chairman of the Board of Governors. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Kayley Polwart is our New Entrant & Junior Supervisor, Girls Dean and School Secretary ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Sam Daniero is our Junior School Supervisor and School Monitor ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Our Board of Governors members are: ​ Paul Chambers Chairman Mark Bell Principal/school Rep. Philip Leaf Finance / Parent Rep. James Rout Maintenance / Policies Kayley Polwart Secretary / Enrollment / Advertising Paul McCarroll Community Rep. David Cooper Parent Rep. ​ Our School Monitors are: Delwyn Chambers, Sam Daniero, Tamara Rout and Kayley Polwart . We also have volunteer Readers and Helpers in the school who we greatly value and appreciate their time and effort. OUR TEAM

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    STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS 2021 Year 13 student Arjan won the National level heavy weight steer overall champion, and National level overall grand champion steer hook at the Future Beef National Competition held in Manawatu May 2021. Well done Arjan, we are all very proud of you! Also our year 13 student Tyga achieved her Grade 7 music in singing with Trinity College, awesome work, well done Tyga! STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS 2020 Well done to our students who entered into the Northland Performing Arts Competition over the weeked (18-20 Sept. 2020): MJ - received a very highly commended, 4 x commended and scored over 80% in all her marks for singing Fiona - received 3rd place in piano - sight reading and 3rd place in piano - own selection Tyga - received a 1st, 2x 2nds, 3x 3rds, a commended and a very highly commended for singing, and also received two trophies - the McDonald cup for scoring 1st place in the 16/ 17 yr old Oratorios, and the Voice Studio cup is chosen by the Adjudicator for someone who has potential and who they want to encourage! STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS 2019 Congratulations to Brooke Chambers, who won player of the year for Kaipara Knights Grade 10 soccer team, well done! - September 2019 Congratulations to Majestic and Tyga, who competed over the weekend at the Northland Performing Arts Competition, Majestic was in the Northern Advocate - her picture is below...September 2019 Congratulations to Fiona Yue for her award (with merit) in passing grade one music theory with Trinity College, and to Joshua Polwart for his award in passing grade four music theory, well done! Tough Guy & Gal Challenge was held on Friday 28th June, our seniors did very well! Congratulations to those who participated, and a special mention to Chloe Leaf, who came 2nd in the female yr9-11 division, and 11th female overall! Please see here for the results, and pictures below. Aaron Tennent and Chloe Leaf, starting, before the mud... And after... Cross Country at Excellere College was held on Thursday 13 June 2019. We competed with both Excellere and Whangarei Adventist School, and overall as a small school, we did great and represented our school very well! The following are our school's overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings. Congratulations to our winners, and all of our students who participated and put in their best effort! Pictures below. ​ Year 3 girls: Year 4 girls: Year 5 girls: Paige Chambers - 2nd Laura Cullen - 2nd Brooke Chambers - 2nd Grace Cullen - 3rd ​ Year 6 boys: Year 6 girls: Year 7 boys: Jireh Cullen - 1st Kayla Leaf - 1st Braden Leaf - 2nd ​ Year 9 boys: Under 16 girls: Open girls (16 & over): Aaron Tennent - 2nd Chloe Leaf - 1st Tegan Leaf - 1st YEAR ONE... YEAR TWO... YEAR THREE... YEAR FOUR... YEAR FIVE... YEAR SIX... YEAR SEVEN... YEAR EIGHT... YEAR NINE & TEN... YEAR ELEVEN & TWELVE... Congratulations to our district speech contest participants - Braden Leaf, Phebe Polwart, Fiona Yue and Chloe Polwart. Braden came 2nd, Phebe - 3rd and Chloe - 3rd, for their overall age groups, well done!!! ATHLETICS 2019 was a great success for our school. We were invited to participate with the CHEW home-schoolers athletics day, where there were 80 participants. Our students all did very well, and above all, we were very impressed with their behaviour, sportsmanship and attitudes, well done! Please click here to see our school results. A special recognition goes to the following students for their overall outstanding achievements, and sportsmanship: Outstanding Achievement: Arjan Pedersen Grace Cullen Jireh Cullen Chloe Leaf Kayla Leaf Brooke Chambers ​ A BIG thank you to the home-schoolers for inviting and including us, and to all the volunteers and parent helpers on the day! Please see pictures of the day below... Sportsmanship and great attitude: Estella Hinsch Fiona Yue Savannah Rout Congratulations to Fiona for her outstanding achievement in the Northland Piano Competitions. Fiona scored 1st equal in the overall highest points for sight reading. This is not just in her age group but out of all of the competitors, across all age groups! Well done Fiona! Congratulations to MJ and Tyga for passing their Trinity College music Exams! Tyga passed her Grade 5 singing with merit, and MJ passed her Grade 4 singing with merit. Well done girls! We are so very blessed to have your wonderful gifts in our school! STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS 2018 Cross Country with Excellere College was held Friday 1st June 2018. Please click here to see the results. Our school done very well! Congratulations to all of our children who participated, we had 17 children there, and 13 got in the top 3 placings for their race! ​ For photos, please see our "latest news " tab. Well done to our school contestants in the Paparoa Speech Contest May 2018: John Hampshire, Estella Hinsch and Phebe Polwart. You all got over your nerves and produced a wonderful effort! Congratulations goes to John Hampshire, who came first in the senior section! John delivered a great speech on Peer Pressure. John has a great gifting in this area, and this will help him go very far in the future. Well done John! Athletics with Living Way School and Home-school was held Monday, 26th march 2018. Please click here to see the results for track events and here for field events. Our school done very well! Congratulations goes to our new record holders: ​ Tegan Leaf 400m Track 14-15yr Girls Chloe Leaf High jump 11-13yr Girls, and Discus 11-13yr Girls Estella Hinsch High jump 9-10yr Girls, and Discus 9-10yr Girls. ​ ​ For photos, please see our "latest news " tab. Congratulations to all of our little star swimmers! These wonderful students all received a certificate from the 2018 Swim School here in Maungaturoto, well done! Recognition goes to Arjan Pederson, for his efforts and outstanding acheivements in Agri-culture. Just a few of his awards pictured below, well done Arjan, we look forward to what the new year brings!