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Otamatea Christian School is a small, rural based Northland private Christian school which relies on donations to operate.  We are passionate about providing the opportunity for children in our area to receive a sound Biblically based education.  We are aiming to provide an education system that works alongside parents in the education of their children and that creates opportunities for all children to attend and flourish no matter what their
socio economic background or education level is.
Regular donations, lump sum donations or bequests, will be warmly accepted as a blessing and will go toward the day to day running of the school, staffing, meeting the the educational, and learning needs of our students.  It will also be put towards development of the giftings some students show as well as to help fund families that struggle financially with fees, uniform, school trips, workbooks and other school related costs. 
If you wish to donate you can donate by pressing the icon 
above through Friends of the School. 


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