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Cyclone Gabrielle











Our School was hit by Cyclone Gabrielle which raged its devastating blast in our small community of Maungaturoto.  Power and Cell Tower transmission was lost but it has been restored to the main town of Maungaturoto.  Children coming from outlying areas are still facing power lines down, and no way of communication due to cell towers being down, being cut off by slips on roads.  Members of our school family have lost roofing on sheds and have had to deal with flooding, property damaged.  Our farming families are without power for milking. 






The school has lost 3 class rooms due to the roof being blown off.  We have lost our art/technology room, our music room and the junior afternoon room.  There is a lot of damage to these rooms and the children have lost their playground for now as it has had to be cordoned off because the roof landed in it.


The blessing is that we started school a week earlier than most schools so even though we have been closed for a week the students have not lost any learning time.  The whole school is set up to operate from the main building, that was not damaged.  We are insured and the rebuild would will take time.  There may be disruptions and noise and more traffic as the re-build takes place.

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How Can You Help ?

Please pray for the staff and children for a positive attitude, for patience, diligence

and stewardship.  If you want to partner with our school, which is in a growth cycle, press the Friends of the School button.

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