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Year 11 to Year 13              Levels 1,2 and 3

Pre-Requisites:   Core Mathematics, Core English, Core Word Building and Core Literature, Core Science and Core Social Studies   (Paces 1085-1096)

English: Etymology, Word Building, Speech, The Art of Story telling, English I, II, III, IV and V,

English Composition I and 2,

Mathematics: Business Math, Algebra I and II, Senior Mathematics 1 and 2, Geometry,

Trigonometry, College Math and Accounting

Social Sciences: Modern History, History of Civilisation, Collectivism,  American Government,

American History, World History Projects, World History, World Geography,

New Zealand Social Studies

Science: Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Bible and Science

Health:                      Nutrition Science, Health

Business Studies:    General Business, Keyboard Skills, Economics, Business Mathematics, Accounting

The Arts:                   Visual Art, Music

Christian Studies:   Christian Counselling   Christian World View   Biographies of Christians  Missions

Christian Growth   Life of Christ  NT Church History    OT Survey    Successful Living


Other Curriculum Offered: (Additional charges will apply)

Languages: (Rosetta Stone)             

Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (American),

English(British), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew,

Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian(Farsi), Polish,

Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain),

Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese

The Arts:   Singing (Trinity College Exams)        Drama  (Trinity College Exams)        Guitar Lessons

Te Kura:  New Zealand Correspondence School  (Choice Manual 2017)

Note:  There is no Christian Content in these subjects.  The school does not take responsibility for the curriculum content.  It is up to parents to discern whether the subjects are suitable for their child/children.  If content in some subjects is not suitable to the character of the school, then the content will not be admissible at school.

Students enrolled under the correspondence school are counted as ‘Dual Enrolement” students.  This is supplementary to the A.C.E program.  Students can study things we cannot offer at a senior level, for example – Te Reo, New Zealand Accounting and Business Studies, Home Economics, Legal Studies, Media Studies, Primary Production, Performing Arts etc.

Please look online if you are interested and then let the school know for enrolement purposes.  It is best to enroll at the end of each school year for the following year.   Be aware that not all subjects can be or will be credited towards an A.C.E certificate as this needs to be applied for, however, they can be added to your child’s Academic Record and used as part of their Curriculum Vitae.

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