National Convention is a residential event where students use the gifts and abilities they have discovered and developed over the year. 

Students may choose from over 140 different events to compete in.  The events are spread across eight different categories: Academics, Athletics, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Manual Arts, Music (Vocal, Instrumental, and Combined), Scripture, and Platform (Speech and Drama).

The students enjoy the Evening Rallies which provide spiritual feeding and nurturing as well as the opportunity to view command performances.  


The students also gain much in viewing each others performances and entries as well as competing in team academic, scriptural and sporting events.

The hard work and diligence of the students, teachers, support from parents and community members who work alongside the students during the yearly preparation, is an intrinsic part of the success the students experience.

 The students individually enter 15 - 20 different events each year. Please click here to view a list of individual events.

Below are some pictures/videos from the 2019 Convention...

Video: Girls Group Mime - convention 2019