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1.   Enrolment in a private school with New Zealand University Qualifications

2.   Diagnostic tests overseen by experienced staff who will create individual prescriptions that meet each

       students’ actual needs rather than being given generic prescriptions.

3.   One on one teaching to quickly fill small learning gaps.

4.   Curriculum resources delivered to your door without the need to order.

5.   An online platforms flag system to request one on one teacher help like in a classroom.

6.   Regular teacher interaction to encourage and monitor progress and provide accountability.

7.   High expectations and success rates.

8.   Becoming part of an online class and school.

9.   Access to a wide variety of certificates and the experience to help chose the best certificate for your

      child and their chosen career.

10. Support to attend Student Convention as part of the school where students gain confidence in

       developing their gifts and talents and exploring new areas of development.

11.   Invitation to join school events and activities.

12.   Access to staff with experience in helping students to excel.

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