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  • DONATIONS | ocschool

    Friends of the School Notification HOW TO DONATE Otamatea Christian School is a small, rural based Northland private Christian school which relies on donations to operate. We are passionate about providing the opportunity for children in our area to receive a sound Biblically based education. We are aiming to provide an education system that works alongside parents in the education of their children and that creates opportunities for all children to attend and flourish no matter what their socio economic background or education level is. Regular donations, lump sum donations or bequests, will be warmly accepted as a blessing and will go toward the day to day running of the school, staffing, meeting the the educational, and learning needs of our students. It will also be put towards development of the giftings some students show as well as to help fund families that struggle financially with fees, uniform, school trips, workbooks and other school related costs. If you wish to donate you can donate by pressing the icon above through Friends of the School.

  • School Fees - Distance Learning | ocschool

    Distance learning fees for the 2023 As an independent school, OCS is a non-profit organisation that operates independently of the government. Operating costs of the school are covered by tuition fees and donations. All fees are in New Zealand dollars and include Goods and Services Tax of 15%. The School reserves the right to change fees at any time. Where possible, one term’s notice of the expected increase will be provided. Distance Learning: $6,000.00 per annum $1,500.00 per quarter ​ ​ Curriculum Resources and Stationery: $600.00 per annum $150.00 per quarter


    Newsletters: Please click here for the latest newsletter. 2022 Latest News: Pet Day We had a wonderful day, with lots of fun, friends and fellowship! Everyone worked hard, and our students did great in their entered events! Thank you to all the helpers, organisers and judges on the day! See photos below... ATHLETICS & CROSS COUNTRY DAYS This year we had the privilege of hosting our annual sports days joined with the local home-schoolers! We had fantastic weather and great competition. Children got to catch up with friends, and create new friendships. Below are a few photos from the events. Athletics: Cross Country 2021:

  • SENIOR CURRICULUM | ocschool

    ​ SENIOR PROGRAM OF STUDY ​ Year 11 to Year 13 Levels 1,2 and 3 ​ Pre-Requisites: Core Mathematics, Core English, Core Word Building and Core Literature, Core Science and Core Social Studies (Paces 1085-1096) ​ English: Etymology, Word Building, Speech, The Art of Story telling, English I, II, III, IV and V, English Composition I and 2, ​ Mathematics: Business Math, Algebra I and II, Senior Mathematics 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, College Math and Accounting ​ Social Sciences: Modern History, History of Civilisation, Collectivism, American Government, American History, World History Projects, World History, World Geography, New Zealand Social Studies ​ Science: Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Bible and Science ​ Health: Nutrition Science, Health ​ Business Studies: General Business, Keyboard Skills, Economics, Business Mathematics, Accounting ​ The Arts: Visual Art, Music ​ Christian Studies: Christian Counselling Christian World View Biographies of Christians Missions Christian Growth Life of Christ NT Church History OT Survey Successful Living Other Curriculum Offered: (Additional charges will apply) ​ Languages: (Rosetta Stone) Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (American), English(British), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian(Farsi), Polish, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese ​ The Arts: Singing (Trinity College Exams) Drama (Trinity College Exams) Guitar Lessons ​ Te Kura: New Zealand Correspondence School (Choice Manual 2017) Note: There is no Christian Content in these subjects. The school does not take responsibility for the curriculum content. It is up to parents to discern whether the subjects are suitable for their child/children. If content in some subjects is not suitable to the character of the school, then the content will not be admissible at school. Students enrolled under the correspondence school are counted as ‘Dual Enrolement” students. This is supplementary to the A.C.E program. Students can study things we cannot offer at a senior level, for example – Te Reo, New Zealand Accounting and Business Studies, Home Economics, Legal Studies, Media Studies, Primary Production, Performing Arts etc. Please look online if you are interested and then let the school know for enrolement purposes. It is best to enroll at the end of each school year for the following year. Be aware that not all subjects can be or will be credited towards an A.C.E certificate as this needs to be applied for, however, they can be added to your child’s Academic Record and used as part of their Curriculum Vitae.

  • DONATE | ocschool

    To receive a yearly tax receipt for donation rebates, please click HERE to email us your details. Thank you again for your support!

  • SCHOOL GARDEN | ocschool

    OUR SCHOOL GARDEN About At Otamatea Christian School, we are enthusiastic about the environment and growing fresh vegetables and fruit for our students to eat, and also to share with our school families and the community! We have a large area dedicated to vegetable gardens, and on the perimeter of our school field, and dotted around the school property, there are various fruit trees. We are also part of Tahi NZ "bees in schools" programme. Tahi NZ have put beehives in our back paddock, and are teaching groups of students beehive keeping. The students get to keep some honey for themselves, and Tahi NZ give honey to the school, and provide suits for the students! A large part of the school property is our school nature reserve. Here the children learn about natives, various trees, plants, weed and pest control.

  • FRIENDS OF THE SCHOOL | ocschool

    Become a friend of the school with regular donations, lump sum donations or bequests, by filling out our contact details form and donating online to: BANK DETAILS 02-0484-0105879-00 REFERENCE OCSGIFT CODE Your name Donations are tax deductible for NZ residents Contact Information First Name Last Name Email Street Address Street Address Line 2 City Region/State/Province Postal / Zip code Country Country Code Phone Additional Info > Thanks for submitting!

  • International Student Testimony | ocschool

    International Student Testimony "Please believe that Otamatea Christian School is the start to your dreams and aspirations" - Fiona Yue ​ My name is Fiona, and I’m a freshman in high school. When I was just 8 years old (Year 3), my family moved to New Zealand from China. I took the diagnostic test of the Otamatea Christian School when I first started. I was startled by the fact that I couldn’t even read the term “brother” correctly. My principal, Mr. Bell, at that time told me that it would take me six months to learn English and a year to be able to speak with others without a language barrier, and sure enough, his predictions were true. For five years at Otamatea Christian School, I learned to comprehend, read, and write and excel in all of them. I was a top-class student when I entered secondary school (Epsom Girls Grammar School). My teachers thought highly of the talks and presentations I presented. Excellent and really engaged, according to my report. These were all only made possible with the assistance of Mr. and Mrs. Bell. My foundation was so strong that my Math teacher, English teacher and classmates all inquired as to whether I attended a prestigious school. They all questioned me about my school’s name. I am very proud to have studied at Otamatea Christian School. The school has helped me adjust to high school successfully. Over the course of my five years at Otamatea Christian School, I also have learned appropriate behaviour and manners. My family was significantly helped by the school as well. My family and I adapted well to life in New Zealand thanks to the principal’s wife and his kind invitations to parties and fishing trips. My family is really appreciative of what they have done. I’d like to express my brother Eric’s gratitude on his behalf to Mrs. Bell, the wife of the principal, and Director of International Students. She worked one-on-one with my brother to help him adjust to school life. She also helped him with social skills while supporting him with a positive outlook. Overall, I’m very appreciative of a school that feels like a family. Please believe that Otamatea Christian School is the start to your dreams and aspirations. Fiona Yue.


    Study In NZ New Zealand is a prosperous, modern country with a stable government. It’s a safe place to work and study while exploring our rich natural clean green environment and cultural heritage. New Zealand provides a wealth of opportunities at a competitive price to other first world destinations Student’s safety and care comes first. New Zealand has a strict code of practice for the care of international students. Picturesque Location Otamatea Christian School is set in a Rural Northland town of Maungaturoto on the shores of the Kaipara harbour between the cities of Auckland and Whangarei. The temperatures are subtropical with summer temperatures averaging 20°C (68°F) and mild winters of 11°C (51°F) making it a comfortable environment to study and experience the country. The air is clean and fresh, the land is green and the night sky is full of stars. The rural setting and close proximity to two coasts and two cities offers an exciting range of activities Study Our rural backdrop is the perfect place to focus on education without the distractions of a big city. The school is small so international students quickly become friends with the New Zealand students and quickly develop their conversational English. The school focuses on learning. Qualifications OCS has very high standards requiring students to score 80% to pass. Over the last 5 years 100% of our graduate students have gained university entrance. Students work on individual work plans with one on one teaching. International students language skills benefit greatly from our American phonic based educational resources. International Student Accommodation Students 10 years old and under must stay with a parent or legal guardian. There are homes to be rented or purchased in Maungaturoto. The school can direct you to local land agents if you require. Students over 10 years old can stay with a parent or legal guardian, living with a designated caregiver, or in a home stay situation organised by parents or the school. The student’s accommodation must meet the International Student Code of Practice requirements and will be checked regularly for student safety and wellbeing. Ministry of Education Code of Practice Otamatea Christian School has agreed to observe and to be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Ministry of Education and undertakes to comply with the accommodation provisions set out in part 6 of practice for the pastoral care of international students. Copies of the Code are available on request from the School Office or click on the following link to download a copy from the NZQA Website - Copies in a variety of languages are also available on this link. Please click here for international school fees. ​ For more information on our international students programme, or to enrol, please contact our international students’ director – Lynette Bell at or ​ Phone: 09 4318487 ​ Otamatea Christian School 98 Hurndall Street, Maungaturoto Northland New Zealand

  • Our Point of Difference | ocschool

    Our Point of Difference Excellence! Excellence! Excellence! Psalm 121:1-2 King James Version (KJV) I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, From whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, Which made heaven and earth. ​ What is the point of difference of Otamatea Christian Schools Distance Learning? The answer is....Excellence! Excellence in Growing our Christian Faith, Excellence in Growing Academically, Excellence in Growing our Giftings to serve the Kingdom. . Why do all things with excellence? “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men …” Colossians 3:23. Such a simple scripture – yet with such an incredible, liberating message! When I do everything heartily (i.e. from the heart) for the Lord, this overrides all ambitions of wanting to make a good impression on other people. ​ What is God's standard of excellence? On graduation it is God's desire that students be meek, humble, gentle, patient, peacemakers, seekers of justice, righteous, examples of integrity, compassionate, forgiving, faithful in marriage, loving, other- directed, and fishers of men. Citizenship, ethics training, academic knowledge, understanding wisdom. We are not a home schooling agency that specialises in administration or a hub where students engage when they choose. We are offering a specialist, private, distance learning school, with the resources, expertise, and expectations to generate success and excellence in all areas. We aim to enable all students to reach their full potential and to discover their God given talents. ​ Our fees are set to provide the staff and resources needed to provide students with what they need to become the leaders of the future in their chosen fields. ​ If you are looking for a top notch education from the comfort of your home join our school family. ​ Our distance learning is not a replacement for those who are enjoying home schooling but an opportunity for those who are looking to Accelerate their child learning to its full potential regardless of their ability. ​ For more information contact the school: ​ ​

  • What We Offer | ocschool

    WHAT WE OFFER ​ 1. Enrolment in a private school with New Zealand University Qualifications 2. Diagnostic tests overseen by experienced staff who will create individual prescriptions that meet each students’ actual needs rather than being given generic prescriptions. 3. One on one teaching to quickly fill small learning gaps. 4. Curriculum resources delivered to your door without the need to order. 5. An online platforms flag system to request one on one teacher help like in a classroom. 6. Regular teacher interaction to encourage and monitor progress and provide accountability. 7. High expectations and success rates. 8. Becoming part of an online class and school. 9. Access to a wide variety of certificates and the experience to help chose the best certificate for your child and their chosen career. 10. Support to attend Student Convention as part of the school where students gain confidence in developing their gifts and talents and exploring new areas of development. 11. Invitation to join school events and activities. 12. Access to staff with experience in helping students to excel.

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